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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone 🙂

“Di sini jua memori tercipta,
Walau seketika terjalin kasih kita
Mungkin di sini kita kan berpisah
Kenangan bersama, tiada ku lupa.”

177551_10151185488466850_559031681_o (1)


I can’t express how I’m felt right now, I am so touching because finally we have done with our Educational Technology course for this semester . We had spent  time together for 13 weeks and there are so may obstacles and also problems that we need to settle down along the process of making our video. I am so lucky to have such a awesome group members and they had contributed and I really respected my team and I realised that because of them all, finally we made it to this far. What can I say is, our Edutechnovation’s day was so amazing, all of groups had showed their creative and authentic videos and for me, it was fabulous videos ever had I seen before and I really appreciated their good work. I am so happy to see all of the faces there during our biggest day especially our beloved lecturer, Dr Rosseni a.k.a Ummi and not being forgotten to those who has helped a lot since our first week of meeting which are Mr Helmi Norman, Mrs Hazriyati, Mrs Analisa Hamdan and also other facilitators as well 🙂


Kita-kita Production 🙂


Futurama Films 🙂


Chacha Creations 🙂


Last Minute Production 🙂


Shafasafiratin 🙂


MeranMuvies Production 🙂

Without I realising or not, now  we are in the final week of lectures and this Educational Technology’s class will be the last lecture forever 😥
It is such a precious moment being in this course, I never felt so boring although this class is all about computer and using technologies. I was thankful to have Dr Rosseni as our lecturer for this Educational Technology and other facilitators as well. They ever understand what is the meaning of being tired 🙂 For the last word and for the my last reflection for this week and for this EDUATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, I was amazed what we have done so far, I really proud be a Teslian 🙂 because we always put some “magic stuff” in very single things that we did and for me , it is extraordinary ever guys 🙂


Teslian 2011/2012 is one in a million 🙂

That’s all from for this semester 1 2012/2013 , Thank you 🙂 🙂



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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone 🙂

Our responsbility as a  servant towards Allah SWT, we must forgive other’s peoples before we sleep then our emotion will become stable the the next day 🙂 In shaa Allah !


Learn how to forgive others 🙂

So suprisingly, we already  in week of 13 and the next week are supposed to be our biggest day which is our presentation’s day (the video screening day) . Okay, so this week will be informative lecture because I think our facilitators would to like to cover up too many things and as a conclusion, we need to make sure that everything is going well. Today’s class, we started our lecture with  En. Helmi and   we were going to learn about Adobe Photoshop. Without we are realising or not, we are heading towards the end of the semester right now and of course almost near to our final examination.

Ok, as what mentioned above, The class started with En. Helmi’s session. He taught the class about Adobe Photoshop. Seriously, I learned a lot about this useful software. They learned some of the features in the software.  I can say that I was very excited learning on how to crop and edit the pictures easily. I know, it is fun to explore everything  by myself after this. I am quite sure that it is very great.


Adobe Photoshop

Next, Pn. Haz’s session.  Pn. Haz did a lot more on the explanation about the presentation day. There are few things that we have to jot down into our to-do-list before the big day. Well, it seems to be like a bundle of work though but nothing is impossible if we are doing together. The harder thing can be so easy 🙂 There are several things that we should prepare during our Edutechnovation’ s Day :

1) Poster (Film concept)
2) Video
3) Powerpoint slide

Thankfully, my team or Kita-kita production are done with our video production and next week, we are going to present it to our beloved lecture, Dr Rosseni and we are being informed that Timbalan Dekan will also come to our Edutechnovation’s Day and others facilitators Mr Helmi, Mrs Hazriyati, Mrs Analisa and others. I hope everyone will love it especially by Ummi and the facilitators as well 🙂

1) Poster (Film concept)



2) Video



3) Powerpoint slide




Firstly, I would like to wish good luck to all my friends and I hope the Edutechnovation’ s day will be the the precious memory for us after we spending  about 13 weeks in completing our video production. I don’t know why I felt so sad right now 😥 , maybe because I think I love this course very much :: I really enjoyed doing this Educational Technology course and it is not same as what I thought before , that is going be the same as Computer in education 🙂

That’s all from me , thank you ! 😀



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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone 😀

Every human always deserved for the second chance and there is always a chance for a person to be more positive and better 🙂

Prof Dr Muhaya – Ketenangan Dalam Hidup

I always remind myself every day on how to be a better person and always be positive in every situation in my life :: In shaa Allah ~


Celik Kids and Celik Teens at Surau Annur, Country Heights

Today’s class, we are going to have  a few  session then gonna be divided into three three segments. Those segments were conducted by different facilitators which are , Mrs Hazriyati, Ms Aidaand Mr Helmi. In my opinion, today’s class will be such different because I saw each of the facilitators would like to share something and I wonder it might take some times for them to explain to us which related to our course. All the facilitators looks very serious and I think should give 100% focus although I don’t take my breakfast yet this morning 😦

Session 1- Mrs Hazriyati


For the Mrs Hazriyati’s session, Mrs Hazriyati told us about CASPER Principle which is the theories that most people used and apply when doing their presentation. It is important to learn about CASPER because this is very useful in presenting almost everything in life for example in blog, I believe it is very important to have a friendly-user interface to ease people’s reading. In CASPER principle, those things are discussed. In short, CASPER is the mnemonic  method in remembering the aspects/components of the principle.


Components in C.A.S.P.E.R

Session 2-Ms Aida

Basically, Cik Aida told us about Information Literacy. It is such a detail explanation from Ms Aida and hopefully, I could learn something new in today’s class 🙂 According to Cik Aida , in order to search the information, we need to have the skills related to information retrieving/processing. In other words, if I would like to search any information, I should have the knowledge on how to get the information from the most reliable source. Ms Aida was explaining quite detailed and I am able to catch every single words that she is trying to explain to us. Whatever it is, Cik Aida session is very exciting . We all had such a wonderful time  together by  laughing and of course, we are enjoying the session.

En. Helmi

Now, it is turn for Mr Helmi  and I thought it is the shortest explanation from him due to the lack of time and En.Helmi just could explaining not everything, and focus only on those several important thing.  I bet two hours for lecture is not enough to cover up everything. What can I say, time is always precious especially we as a students. Yet, I believe En.Helmi handled the session quite well as we got the chance to learnt something about the video editting. Though the time is limited, but we can still learn about the video effects and all. Whatever it is, I personally feel that video editing software tutorial would take/consume longer time. That session was the shortest and easiest way of editing the video. Usually, if we go to any video editing workshop, it would take the one whole 1day session.

Though today’s tutorial session is not quite parallel to our video editing needs, I believe we can use the knowledge in other times. Maybe during our teaching time soon. I hope next week session would cover a lot more as we really need to learn about the sound/audio adjustment to make sure it mix well with our voice-over. I can feel this week is going to be the toughest one because there are a lot of assignments that should be submit and suprisingly, we still need to do a few of presentation. Plus, our Psychology’ quiz 2 will be held by next week 😦
Hopefully. everything will go smoothly 🙂 In shaa Allah !

That’s all for today, Thank you ! 😀



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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone 😀

I have to admit that this first semester of second year was very tough due to the a  lot of assignments  including report writing and also presentations. I am still can bear with those all kind of stuffs although  I never felt so exhausted like this even  in the previous semesters. I can conclude that as I am going into a new semester, I will face a lot of obstacles and I have to prepare myself from the aspects of  phsyically and mentally 🙂 Yes, I know that I can do it anything to make my life felt so great ::


My life is always great as a student 🙂

Session 1- Mr Helmi Norman

For this week, we are given lecture by Mr Helmi and also Mrs Hazriyati and there are will be two sessions. The first session was with Mr Helmi, and he was giving some tutorial on how to edit video by using Window Live Movie Maker. Actually, using Window Live Movie Maker is not something new for me because I already discovered it before but it doesn’t mean I am good in using it. Mr Helmi told us that it is a common way for peoples to edit video by using Window live Movie Maker and we supposed to master using it especially we as a future teacher need to gain the knowledge of using it ::

Windows Movie Maker

Window Live Movie Maker

Session 2- Mrs Hazriyati

In this session, Mrs Hazriyati told us to complete the assigments for this semester including updating our blogs and and the important thing that we need to prepare towards our biggest day which is Edutechnovation Day in week 14. She reminds us to prepare the Powerpoint slides which tells about the journey of making the video and the slides will be use for the opening for the presentation day. But Mrs Hazriyati said that we should not be worry too much because other facilitators will rearrange some other times to show us what exactly we need to do. I feel that our presentation day will be such great and I really wait for that day, enjoy watching many authentic videos from my friends 😀



Educational Technology’s groups

I hope all of us including my groups will present the very best after we are working so hard in our video-making and at the towards of our biggest day, I really sure that all of my friends are busy of getting prepare  for that day and I wish good luck to all groups 🙂

That’s all for this week, thank you !



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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone 🙂

This week, Dr Rosseni went to Jordan and we already missed her so much because we never met her for a long time but we always understand our beloved lecturer. May have a safe trip there Ummi :). Let’s focus back on our reflection for this week. Without we are realizing or not, we are almost came towards our video presentation’s day. I wonder all of groups are working so hard to accomplish their video especially towards the final week of lectures and the same time, we need to present our videos in front of the Dr Rosseni and others. For this week, I would like to tell about our video-making process which involved so many locations and we also went to Sungai Congkak for our video-shooting. The reason why we chose Sungai Congkak as our location for video-shooting because we need to capture some of the nature elements which is related to our theme of our video.




We really enjoyed our shooting in Sungkai Congkak. We went there so early in the morning weekend by a car then we have a slightly problem at the first because we could not find the way to Sungai Congkak but luckily Ong Jee Teng using her GPS as to find the route to Sungai Congkak. We are able to capture a lot of nature images even it is a raining day. Actually, we expected to find a river which being polluted but Mr Helmi told us it is not considered as a pollution river. So we decided to find another captures for the polluted water. We also have done our shooting video in several areas in UKM including residential college, Kolej Keris Mas 🙂


                                                                                                         Clean or polluted ? (-.-)

Raining in Sungai Congkak ? 😀

Suddenly, we have a huge problem towards the end of our video presentation day when we could not save our video. Actually, we already save our final video but due to the laptop problems we have lost it. But never mind, we tried our best to re-do again together and maybe do it more interesting because sometimes, the good thing always came late 🙂



That’s all from me, thank you 🙂



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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone 🙂


Finally, I am able to write my reflection after 3 weeks without lecture because we are having our mid semester for a week then celebrated Hari Raya Aidiladha as well. I would like to tell a little bit about my Hari Raya Haji because it is totally different compared to before this. For me, my Hari Raya Haji is same for every year because we will not going back to hometown because my father are able to spend time with us for just one day then he will start working for the next day 😦 so we just spend time celebrating Hari Raya Aidiladha at our home. But this year is totally different one because my eldest sister wants to engage on the second day of Raya Haji so it means we need to make some preparation for the engagement ceremony 🙂 We are very excited because this is the first daughter of our family wants to get engage :). Then, I would like to congratulate my sister, Nur Syazwani bt Yussof because already being someone’s fiancee.


That’s all for my Hari Raya Aidiladha so let’s start our reflection for this week. As usual, Dr Rosseni is away from us again like previous week but we don’t mind because she must have some responsibilities to do. We are really understand her but we are not alone without Ummi. We still being accompanied by the most awesome facilitators which is Mr Helmi and Mrs Hazriyati :). In Mr Helmi’s session, he already showed us some videos which is from the our interview with the Dr Rosseni and other facilitators. We are enjoyed to watch our videos because all of us discussing or talking about different topics about this course 🙂 I think the different usage of angles can make the video more interesting and not so boring to watch. So this the example of my video 🙂 I am so happy to watch my video. Let’s have a watch 🙂

Other than that, we already being exposed by Mr Helmi about Adobe Soundbooth. Yes, I have to admit this is my first time being taught how to use this kind of software. I found that Soundbooth CS5 function as to edit, repair, and enhance audio. Record voiceovers, remove unwanted noises, add effects, and integrate professional sounding audio projects in other Creative Suite applications. Maybe I can use this software to assist me in my song writing and recording 🙂



While in Mrs Hazriyati ‘ session, she already discussed about our preparation for the video and told us what the planning for the upcoming weeks.She also monitoring us in order to ensure all of the groups do not have any problems in doing their own video production. For my group, we already came to the end of our video production after we trying our best to make the most interesting video ever just only for this course.
In my opinion, Mrs Hazriyati and also Mr Helmi did the a good job by telling us always be prepared especially at the end of final week of presentation. So this is the lists of the important weeks that we should be alert and always take it seriously ::

  • Week 8 : Shooting
  • Week 9 : Shooting
  • Week 10 : Workshop / Re-shoot
  • Week 11 : Final compilation (Preview) – 95% done
  • Week 12 : Final compilation
  • Week 13 : Presentation
  • Week 14 : Study Week

What I can mention here, our presentation is just around the corner, so we need to ensure everything will be fine. I really sure that each of the groups have struggle hard in completing their videos. In a conclusion, all of them are trying to give the best for their presentation and I am willing to give a full commitment in order to ensure our video production is going to be the interesting one among others :: Lately, we felt like so tired after doing a lot of assignments but nothing is impossible if we are able to manage our own time 🙂

That’s all for this week, thank you 😀



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Assalamualaikum and happy weekend everyone 🙂

Actually, I redo again my introductory video  because I do not satisfied with my previous introductory video.Now I came out with a new introductory video or I called it another new version. The another reason is why I decided to redo again my introductory video because Dr Rosseni advised me to create or record another one which is more clear and each word by word can be heard. I think I should create a new one so at the same time, it will affect my grade for this course. I will do anything as long I will pass this subject and also get “A”. So let we watch another version of  my self-introductory for Educational Technology 🙂